Current Projects


(Manycore and Nonvolatile memory MAnagenenT for Energy efficiency)

Scalable core management
- Dynamic core partitioning
- Space-Time Scheduling

Large-scale main memory management
- DRAM-NVRAM hybrid main memory architecture
- Pattern based memory balancing

Cloud Computing

(Peta-Scale Cloud Computing Project)

Cloud-Network/Storage Boost Technology
- Compression-Plugged-Cryptography Technology
- OpenSSL

Secure-Metering and Billing Technology

Hybrid Memory Architecture

Wear-leveling for Hybrid Main Memory Architecture (Samsung)

- Prolong the lifetime of PRAM in hybrid main memory architecture
- Minimize the performance overhead by wear-leveling

Work to do
- Develop DRAM buffering algorithm
- Develop PRAM wear-leveling algorithm with minuscule overhead